21+ Cardamom Benefits (2019) | Cardamom uses and health benefits

Benefits Of Cardamom

Knowing the benefits of cardamom will make you reproach yourself for not having inquired about them before.

Why? After reading their diversity, how significant they all are, and what they generate in your existence and anatomy.

You will understand why in the end you would have wanted to know about the wonders of this plant, always. Likewise, it's never too late to start taking advantage of the good. Do it this way whenever you like!

Another way to use cardamom is to grind its seeds to add them in making bread.

There are people who put a couple of cardamom seeds in the coffee to flavor it and flavor it in a special way.

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Benefits of cardamom for health

It stimulates the appetite

Cardamom increases salivary secretion and by appetite effect.

Prevents stomach gas

Being an excellent digestive, other benefits of cardamom are:

  • Prevent flatulence from forming

  • Efficiently and painlessly expel those that have already formed.

Eliminates bad breath

Chewing its seeds eradicates as many microbes as is in the oral cavity and consequently eliminates bad breath.

Reduces menstrual symptoms

Its antispasmodic substances prevent premenstrual cramps and relieve those already produced.

Stimulates antioxidant cells

Protect your teeth

By possessing bone-fortifying substances, cardamom keeps your teeth healthy. And being an antibacterial keeps them free of cavities.

Keep a myriad of different diseases throughout the body. With cardamom is simple, since the conscious consumption and not exceeded this plant, generates enzymes protective of free radicals, and protect our body even when apparently healthy, never be otherwise.

What is cardamom and what is it used for?

Cardamom is a tree that provides fruit of the same name, from which the seeds are obtained that are widely used in gastronomy and as a natural medicine for some metabolic, infectious, digestive and respiratory affections.

How is cardamom used?

For the greater use of cardamom, both in the preparation of foods and their medicinal uses, they must grind or grind their seeds, so that they release their components completely.

What is the taste of cardamom?

It is cardamom flavor is very penetrating, sweet mixture with a slight spicy touch. You can remember its smell of lemon and eucalyptus.

What is cardamom in gastronomy?

It has cardamom culinary uses as a seasoning or flavoring. You can add a discreet spicy touch to foods like rice

What benefits does cardamom have?

The properties of cardamom have been described since antiquity, being used for its benefits indigestion, to reduce blood pressure and its antimicrobial effects. Nowadays, cardamom is widely used in gastronomy and the effects on health that Ayurvedic medicine in India has used for many years are being verified.

For now, certain positive metabolic effects and on the digestion process have been verified, likewise, it has demonstrated its antioxidant effects, which benefit in cardiovascular diseases.

Properties of cardamom to lose weight.

Cardamom has among its components some antioxidant molecules, which have been used for metabolic control in diabetic and obese patients. In addition, it helps tolerance of breaths in a diet rich in fiber, improving gas and abdominal inflammation. ( Reference )

Serves cardamom for teeth

Cardamom has been included in certain mouth rinses for two reasons: one for its aroma and its effects on the breath and secondly for decreasing the production of plaque and the proliferation of some sensitive bacteria.

Cardamom for the liver

Cardamom has been used to improve metabolic parameters, such as blood glucose level, lipids and the control of certain inflammatory proteins in people with obesity and fatty liver.

Cardamom scientific name

Cardamom is the common name given to the seed of the tree of Elettaria cardamomon.

How is cardamom consumed?

Cardamom is consumed mainly as an infusion that is prepared with the seeds of the fruit in hot water and proceeds to strain and drink when it is warm or cold.

The other way of consuming is through food as a condiment or flavoring, which is used in powder form.

Cardamom is poisonous

Cardamom has terpenes that in some people can develop allergies. But it has no known toxic effects.

Cardamom and pregnancy

The use of cardamom in pregnancy should be avoided, it is not considered a safe product, especially when it has been seen anecdotally that favors menstruation

Cardamom menstruation

An emenágogo effect of the cardamom, that favors the menstruation, has been described, in those women with problems of lack of menstrual period secondary to hormonal disorders. But there is not much scientific evidence to support this effect.

Contraindications of cardamom

Has cardamom properties and contraindications, as with any product.

The contraindications are linked to terpene allergies, (allergies to ginger and derivatives), is also contraindicated in pregnancy and breastfeeding, were not enough scientific work to support its safe use in these conditions.

Cardamom and lactation

Its use should be avoided during lactation, its effects on the newborn have not been well studied.

Contraindications of the cardamom seed

The contraindications of cardamom seeds are basically allergies to the product and to ginger, in addition to pregnancy and lactation.

Side effects of cardamom

The side effects of cardamom are abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, allergies and contact dermatitis.

Cardamom physiological effects

The physiological effects that are known of cardamom, are basically related to a discrete blood vasodilation, which lowers blood pressure and improves tissue circulation.

Cardamom for gases

Among the best known healing properties of cardamom are the digestive benefits, among which the improvement of gas symptoms and abdominal distension stand out.

Properties of cardamom in infusion

The beneficial properties of cardamom can be achieved with a simple cardamom tea, made with seeds, boiling water and honey to taste.

Coffee with cardamom

It is customary in many regions to drink coffee with cardamom, where they simply place a couple of seeds in the coffee and let it rest for about 5 minutes, taking a flavored coffee with a rich flavor.

What is the use of canary seed with cardamom

The canary seed milk with cardamom was assigned anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties. It also works to lower cholesterol and glycemia levels.

How to make a cardamom mask?

Cardamom has been shown to increase collagen production and improve blood flow in the skin. But the effects have been shown when consumed with food or drinks, not applied directly to the skin.

Benefits Of Cardamom

Cardamom where to buy

It can be purchased in dietitians and health food stores, where it is easy to buy.

What is the medicinal use of cardamom?

The medicinal use we have exposed throughout this article, we invite you to know more about the properties of this seed, among others to improve glycemia and cholesterol, digestive, antioxidant vasodilator and also antimicrobial.

Is Cardamom an aphrodisiac?

Among the characteristics of cardamom in Ayurvedic medicine and one of its most common uses in India is as an aphrodisiac. However, the mechanism and its effects on libido and sexual dysfunction have not been demonstrated either.

Is Cardamom used in Ayurvedic medicine?

In Ayurvedic medicine (traditional Indian medicine) this species has been used for many purposes, some of them have been demonstrated through serious scientific works, so it is interesting the results of recent research that are always published on the web, looking for cardamom properties pdf.

Origin of cardamom

Cardamom is a tree, with fruit and seeds of the same name that is native to Asia Minor and South and Central America, where it grows wild in rainforests.

Other names of cardamom

The other name as cardamom is known is grana or Granado of paradise.

Now you know what cardamom is for and how you could use it. Do not stop sharing it on your social networks.

What is cardamom good for?

Keep the senses alert

Drink cardamom tea:

  • Stimulate the senses

  • It keeps you physically and mentally active

  • Sharpen the memory

Cardamom for cough

The antiseptic, expectorant, desinflamatory, and detoxifying substances of cardamom make it an excellent anti-flu, as well as an exceptional natural combatant of cough, asthma, pharyngitis, colds, and the discomfort generated by each one.

Have active metabolism

While this spice stimulates the appetite, it also maintains the assimilation of food at its peak, therefore: the prevention of overweight and optimal nutrition are two other realities that add to the benefits of cardamom.

To be happy

Due to its intense aroma, in which all its properties are perceived, including; antidepressants, and hormonal stimulants in both men and women. Just by breathing them in aromatherapy or applying their oils, these seeds consequently generate:

  • Happiness

  • Passion

  • Sexual appetite

  • Optimism

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