10 Health Tips for Summer

Health Tips for SummerHealth Tips for Summer

Health Tips for Summer

1. Pamper your eyes:

the intensity of the light, the heat, the water of the sea or the pool, the sweat ... and the happy sunglasses that you forget at home again and again. All these factors make your eyes much more sensitive and irritated. To remedy, always carry sunglasses with you to protect you from radiation, wind, dust ... Yes, they are of quality.

2. Beware of the dreaded heat shock:

the heat generated by our organism adds to the high environmental temperatures. Exposure to them without water, without proper protection and for a long time can pose a serious danger.

In addition to taking the necessary precautions (avoid exposure to the sun in the middle of the day, cover your head, drink plenty of water ...), in case of heat stroke, you have to move the affected person to the shade and knock it down with the back straight and legs raised to favor circulation and try to lower the temperature with damp cloths.

3. Betting on seasonal foods:

the high temperatures and the change of activity or rhythm (for some, because of their holidays) makes our body have to adapt to the new situation. Food and hydration can be your great allies to carry out this adaptation successfully, especially if you take advantage of the nutritional benefits of seasonal foods. Melon, tomato, carrot, pumpkin, plum, and cucumber are some of the foods that should not be missing in your summer pantry.

4. Avoid sweating without control:

notes the moist armpits, but also the hands, feet, face ... Hyperhidrosis (excessive and pathological sweating) affects 3% of the population. However, in a study conducted by Unilever-Rexona, 40% of women who use deodorant claim to have a problem with odor and moisture in their armpits.

What to do? To start, try not to feel self-conscious and go to the dermatologist to assess what is the most appropriate treatment in your case. A specific antiperspirant can be the solution if the excess sweat is not extreme.

5. Move!

The heat does not serve as an excuse. Exercising should continue to be part of your daily routine despite the high temperatures. Yes, avoid the central hours of the day and go for water sports such as swimming, paddle surfing, etc.

6. Protect yourself from ear infections:

beware of dips in the pool or on the beach without taking the necessary precautions. Water, humidity and high temperatures make it more likely that germs and bacteria settle in our ears causing infections. The most frequent annoyance is otitis, an infection that causes inflammation of the auditory canal and affects both children and adults.

Among the precautions, you can take, use protectors of flexible material, light and hypoallergenic, do not use sticks, keep your ears dry, enter slowly into the water and at the slightest suspicion of infection or discomfort, go to the doctor to avoid going over.

7. Beware of the tyranny of air conditioning:

in the office, it never rains to everyone's taste. For that hot companion does not sweat, the air must be so high that you spend the day freezing. If your table is just below the air gap, the effects of cold, dry air can be devastating.

Does it sound? In addition, it causes the airways to dry out, causing asthma, cough, pneumonia and other respiratory infections. The solution is to seek consensus both at home and in the workplace to regulate the temperature to 240 C recommended by experts and not exposed directly to the air outlet.

Always have a warm garment handy and do not hesitate to put it on the first cold feeling. I'm hot ...

8. Get a flat stomach:

there are fruits and vegetables that have an almost magical anti-inflammatory power. Green tea, almonds, salmon, garlic, cinnamon, whole grains ... if you incorporate them into your usual diet your gut will be history. Do the test.

9. Reduce the legs like balloons:

the cause is poor circulation, very common in women. It is a venous insufficiency that prevents the blood circulating properly, which causes swelling and even the appearance of varicose veins. Fluid retention can also have this effect at the end of the day.

Although it is not an easy problem to solve, there are some routines that you can put into practice. Try not to sit a long time: if you have no choice, get up every hour and walk a few minutes to activate circulation. At home, keep your legs up and sleep with a pillow under your feet.

Gentle exercise, such as walking or swimming, will come to you as a pearl and, in terms of diet, it will take fruits and vegetables, control salt and drink at least two liters of water per day.

10. Goodbye to the urticaria:

when the heat arrives, your arms and legs are covered with an annoying rash ... It itches and, in addition, the irritated skin has an unsightly and unhealthy aspect. The sun worsens the situation and some summer fruits such as cherries or peaches can also cause hives on contact with the skin.

Do not forget to use antihistamines, they will prevent itching and stinging sensation.

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