Beauty Tips for Men

Beauty Tips for Men

An attractive man walking down the street is always the center of many looks, and it is not only about his outfit, his thin nose or the color of his eyes, but his charisma, his bearing, the way he walks and connects with its surroundings.

There are many ways in which a man can highlight his beauty and become truly charismatic, male beauty is as much appreciated and valued as female beauty, and many men really like to look good and take care of their appearance, their complexion, their hair, and their bearing, they especially like to leave their mark on where they pass.

Beauty Tips for Men

Beauty Tips for Men

If you want to highlight your masculine appeal, here are some secrets of beauty and charisma:

1. Exercise regularly:

Although a good body is always well received visually, having firm muscles and body harmony also speaks of willpower, love for oneself and personal value. You can also take supplements and teas to lose weight.

2. Dust, dirt, and pollution:

Men who are mostly in the city need to take care of their skin from dust, dirt, and pollution. For this, we recommend you never go to sleep with dirty skin, as this will promote blackheads and your skin will look drier and wilted. Wash your skin every night with a little oatmeal, which is the best cleanser that exists to clean the skin. Put some lumps of oatmeal in your hand and moisten them with mineral water. Rub on your skin through the neck and forehead, not forgetting the back of the ears. After this, apply an aloe cream that is very nutritious and will help your skin look fresh.

3. Acne:

If your complexion has bars, acne or impurities, you should not be overwhelmed by this. We recommend in this case that in addition to cleaning your face at night, apply green clay twice a week to your skin to regulate ph. Do not squeeze the bars, better put on colloidal silver to help the skin to dry them and no longer come out.

4. Clean and well-presented clothes:

Always try to wear clean and well-presented clothes. Women especially like a very clean man, no matter how you are or what style you have, if you look clean and your clothes are presentable, it is already a first basic step to send a good message from yourself to others.

Above all, take care that the nails and hair are clean, fix your hair as you like but do not forget that it looks neat. Also, pay special attention to your teeth, floss every day and make sure your teeth always look flawless.

5. Natural shampoo:

Use shampoo as natural as possible, if your hair falls out, massage your scalp every night with your fingertips and head bowed. This exercise helps distribute nutrients in your head as the hair strengthens, looks more beautiful and does not fall out.

6. Hair and clothes:

Always try to wear a haircut or clothes with which you feel comfortable. Avoid copying fashions or styles with which you feel uncomfortable, nothing better than being natural, being yourself and loving yourself as you are is one of the top secrets of attractive men.

7. Look:

Keep a kind look with others. When someone talks to you, keep eye contact as insecure as you feel. Looking into the eyes is a very important sign of connection that other people really like.

8. Greeting:

Say hello with a smile, if you don't know the person but it is related to someone you know, say hello too, say hello even when you don't know someone and be near you in a place where they invited you. The greeting is the best cover letter, you can simply smile, this will be enough to connect with your environment in a charismatic way.

9. Charisma:

The secret to increasing your charisma: love yourself and accept yourself. Most men respond that if they love and like each other, but many of them do not feel that way. It is very important that you go through this recommendation slowly and that you see if you really like yourself, and that you accept where you don't like it. You don't notice it, but the way you feel is how others perceive you.

If you feel disgusted with yourself or do not like your appearance, first recognize that you don't like part of yourself, observe yourself in a mirror and say what you sincerely feel. Then, let everything you feel and think about yourself flow, and follow the next paragraph.

10. Self-analysis:

Once you say or write what you really feel about yourself, look at the things you can transform and try to think like. For example, if you don't like your belly, maybe exercising more, or eating healthier. If there are things you feel you don't like and you can't change, remember that people will never love you for a pointed nose or for your height or muscles.

People really what they will see in you is your ability to love yourself and be natural: to be you. Observe how many people with perfect measures do not feel loved, and how many with non-perfect measures or even "ugly" socially, are really dear and charismatic. The difference? that some love and accept each other and are simply natural: they are what they are.

11. Security in yourself:

Feel sure of what you think or are, but always taking care that it is natural, observe that your comments are not by other people's acceptance or by impressing others.

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