Health Tips for Rainy Season

Health Tips for Rainy Season

Although rain, cold or changes in temperature are not by themselves risk factors for contracting diseases, it is a fact that seasonal changes increase the number of sick people, mainly of the respiratory tract.

This is because the rain and the drop in temperature make people stay longer indoors, with the windows closed and no air circulating. This increases the chances of germs spreading and spreading the viruses and bacteria that cause diseases.
In addition, the decrease in temperature and the gray and cloudy days can cause mood alterations that cause a decrease in the body's defenses, which also favors the spread of diseases caused by viruses and bacteria.

Therefore, to avoid getting sick during this rainy season, prevention is the most effective weapon. Good nutrition and hygiene are essential, in this and at any time of the year.

If you are going out, try to take Eucamiel, vitamin C and umbrella ... the protection kit to take care of your health in these rainy days. It is important to be vigilant and be cautious this season; Rainy days can be harmful to your health. That is why we give you Some simple tips that will help you avoid flu illnesses.
Health Tips for Rainy Season

Health Tips for Rainy Season

To avoid discomfort and displeasure because the rain takes you by surprise, always try to carry with you an umbrella and/or a raincoat, as well as appropriate footwear to go through the puddles and prevent your feet from ending up wet.

Wear closed shoes, if possible that are waterproof, try not to give your footwear water.

If for your work or studies, you have to leave early in the morning, avoid leaving with wet hair, in this case, I recommend using a dryer, it is very helpful.

Eat a balanced diet with plenty of vegetables and fruits high in vitamin C (orange juice, grapefruit or guava).

Avoid rainwater puddles in your yard, garden or any space in your house where you can stall the water, this could result in the development of mosquitoes, which often transmit diseases such as dengue and finally reinforcing the above it is also advisable to fumigate.

On the other hand, exercising will help you maintain a good mood, regardless of the weather. And by producing neurotransmitters that generate well-being, your immune system will also be strengthened so that it is prepared and effectively combats the risks of disease.

When you get wet in the rain, take a bath when you get home and wash your clothes, or at least put it to dry so that it does not impregnate the musty smell.

To avoid infections, try not to go to crowded places when you get sick of the respiratory tract. When coughing and sneezing, cover the nose and mouth with the forearm or a tissue. And check out these natural remedies and essential oils that can help you relieve symptoms so you feel better.

Finally, to avoid the proliferation of mosquitoes, which could be carriers of diseases such as dengue, chikungunya, and Zika, do not let rainwater accumulate and get stuck in spaces or containers that are outside your home. Remove them, cover them or place them upside down, as stagnant water is the ideal place for mosquitoes to breed.

In addition, change the water of the vases frequently, eliminate the grass around the house and get rid of bottles, buckets and other utensils that are no longer used. If you live in an area with many mosquitoes and insects, it may be a good idea to put mosquito nets on the windows.

With these simple tips, you can spend the rainy season without getting sick and in good health.

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