Beauty Tips for Winter

Beauty Tips for Winter

The cold has arrived and our skin will begin to suffer from more dryness, tightness, and redness. Too much cold, heating, sudden temperature changes are some of the main enemies. Exfoliation and hydration are some of the keys to spend the winter with a good face in this time of endless social commitments. Be the prettiest in your company dinner, meetings with friends, family gatherings and New Year's Eve.

Beauty Tips for Winter

Beauty Tips for Winter

For every problem, there is a solution or many! Environmental factors, such as the constant change of temperature and cold, are the main causes of the damage your beauty suffers.

To keep you in perfect condition, no matter what, we leave these tips for you to look radiant in winter.

1. Clean your face twice a day:

we will never get tired of emphasizing the importance of proper daily cleaning in the morning and ESPECIALLY at night.

2. Fight against dehydration:

In winter it is essential to use a good moisturizer and drink water because cold and temperature changes aggravate dryness. Hyaluronic Acid is one of the fundamental assets to improve hydration levels.

3. Exfoliation:

Although in winter the skin of the face and body are more sensitive and flake more easily, it does not mean that we have to abandon the exfoliation. It is an essential habit that should be practiced twice a week. Glycolic Acid has an excellent exfoliating power without harming the skin and is the ideal time to use it.

4. Softens premature wrinkles:

increasing the consumption of vitamin C and antioxidants significantly favor.

5. Protect your hands and your lips:

they are two of the areas that suffer most at this time of the year since they are in direct contact with sudden changes in temperature, wind and long weather.

6. Do not abuse the hot water:

although it is difficult, at the time of showering, the ideal is to use warm water so as not to increase the dehydration of the skin.

7. Not without my gloves:

even if you use hand cream, when you leave the street you always have to be protected from the cold and the gloves are that garment that always has to accompany us because the hands are the ones that previously reflect the consequences of winter

8. Avoid sudden changes in temperature:

try to avoid, as far as possible, these abrupt changes in outside and inside temperature and above all, do not abuse the heating.

9. Perfect legs all year round:

even if we don't teach a lot of meat in winter, you have to think about the summer 2017 and how incredible it would be to have no hair and be able to go to the beach without having to think if we have hairs or not. NOW is the time to start laser hair removal.

10. Facial and body treatments:

should be performed periodically to help incentivize the effects of the daily beauty routine. Check our list of treatments or offers and together we will make you look radiant skin this winter.


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